HandBrake 0.93 for Ubuntu Hardy

I’m getting ready to take a Toshiba U300 away for the holidays.  In preparation, I’m getting various media players and apps up and running.  The machine is a Vista (blech!) machine first but I’m typically running it in Ubuntu Linux via Wubi.  I had installed Ubuntu 8.10 but have reverted to 8.04.1 as it is more stable on this machine.  I really like 8.04 and personally don’t think the minor tweaks in 8.10 are worth the hassle.

Anyway, that’s getting off-topic a bit.  One app that I really like is Handbrake.  Handbrake began life as a BeOS app and has been working brilliantly on Mac OSX for some time.  They have recently added a decent Windows and Linux GUI to it via C#/mono/.Net.  As if that wasn’t good enough, they even provide Ubuntu packages!  Unfortunately, the provided Ubuntu packages are for 8.10 only.  Luckily, a kind chap has a 0.93 Hardy repository as well.  Check it out!

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