Resale price a downside for netbooks

I love netbooks.  I have owned two 7″ EeePCs and my HP 2133 is possibly my favourite computer.  Small size, low power consumption, decent CPU power, decent battery life and low price made these pint-sized laptops a smash hit in 2008.

I bought my first EeePC in October, 2007.  Now I’m trying to sell it.  I paid $400 for it, now you can get an Acer Aspire One with a 9″ screen for about $300.  The odd thing is that my 7″ EeePC still sells for $400.

So, what do I sell it for?  I tried asking $325 (can’t blame a guy for trying) and at last crack had gone down to $275.  The prospective buyer warned me that he had a lead on another one for $250 with an 8GB SD card.  So, it looks like my EeePC is worth about $200 if I can find someone to buy it.

For $200 I think it’s worth keeping.  So?  Has anyone else out there tried to sell their used netbooks?   Is 50% about the going rate, or is it just because I bought the first one?


One Comment to “Resale price a downside for netbooks”

  1. I haven’t tried to sell mine, but I also have a 7″ Eee PC and suspect it’s not worth trying to make money off of.

    I’ll probably keep using it for another year or so. When I get tired of it, I think I may regift it to a friend who has small fingers and doesn’t need iTunes.

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