Another Netbook: HP Mini 1000

It turns out that I’m a sucker for Netbooks.  Who could blame me?  Small, cheap, ships with Linux.  What’s not to like?

I bought an HP Mini 1000 a week ago and am loving it.  It has pretty much everything I liked from the Mini-Note 2133 but is lighter, cheaper, and ships with HP’s “Mobile Internet Experience” (Mi) Linux-based OS.

The HP Mini 1100 featuring HPs Mobile Internet Experience

The HP Mini 1100 featuring HP's Mobile Internet Experience

The OS is basically Hardy 8.04 with a slick theme, some HP-specific software and art, all managed, it seems, by Canonical.  It’s pretty much ideal.

Anyway, I’m working on a full review, but the short version is that it’s the nicest netbook I’ve had the opportunity to use, and is an absolute steal at $399CDN.

Update: It’s $379 now!

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