Wow! Jaunty is nice!

I’ve been upgrading a few of my machines to Ubuntu’s latest 9.04 release. It’s fab!

I first installed it on my Toshiba M400 tablet, it is noticeably quicker than it was under 8.04. Yes, it boots faster (especially with ext4) but apps seem to launch faster and the entire UI seems more responsive in a way that I can’t put my finger on.

I also installed 9.04 on a desktop quad-core machine. This is the first time I’ve had a machine that was beefy enough for the Compiz desktop effects. Boy, am I ever glad I tried some of them out!

My longest-standing annoyance with Metacity is relieve: I can now alt-tab between apps on all workspaces! Such a little thing, so annoying that I had to switch window managers before. Also, I’ve mapped F8 to a Spaces-like feature in compiz. As is the case on the Mac, it shows me all workspaces and lets me drag apps between them. It even has a few niceties not available in Apple’s implementation.

Anyway, I’m just digging in to it, but 9.04 looks like a very nice, solid release. Much better than 8.10, which I never really liked.

8.04 will still be my default, if for no other reason than the longer patching period, but for people willing to maintain their own machines, 9.04 looks like a great upgrade.

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