Tethering a BlackBerry Curve and Linux

As a follow-up to my instructions on how to tether my Bell CDMA BlackBerry Curve 8330 to Mac OSX 10.5, I am also posting how to do the same under Ubuntu Linux 9.04.

Ubuntu 9.04 has nice integration between NetworkManager and various broadband net services.  I had previously configured it to work with a Bell-branded Novatel U727 USB stick.  This worked well under 8.04 but was even easier to setup under 9.04.  It turns out that pairing Ubuntu 9.04 with the Curve over Bluetooth was even easier!

The only trick:  Install blueman-manager instead of bluez-gnome.

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Go to the Blueman PPA page
  2. Follow their instructions to add the sources.  (Basically, add the following to sources.list and then run apt-get update: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/blueman/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main
  3. sudo apt-get install blueman  (This will uninstall bluez-gnome)
  4. run blueman-manager
  5. Right-click on the bluetooth icon in the taskbar, select Setup New Device…
  6. Find the curve, select it and then select Dial-Up Networking (DUN)
  7. Now click on the NetworkManager applet, you should see “Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA) Connection” as an option.  Pick it, you’re done!

Assuming they dump bluez-gnome for blueman in Ubuntu 9.10, it will be even easier to setup tethering in Linux than it is in Mac OSX.  Yippee!

Oh, and of course, this post was written while tethered.

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