Bolt Browser: Finally, a decent BlackBerry web browser

Yesterday, once again frustrated by the appalling state of RIM’s browser on my BlackBerry Curve, I took a look at the alternatives.  One I’d missed until now was Bitstream’s Bolt Browser.  Well, am I ever glad I checked it out.  This is a WebKit-based browser in Java.  It’s still in beta but even so, I’ll be using it as my default browser on the Curve.  It’s much faster, renders correctly, and finally brings a decent user-experience to the BlackBerry.

I hope that RIM takes notice of this and licenses it for their next major OS release.  It’s still not much compared to Safari on the iPhone, but it is vastly superior to either RIM’s browser or Opera’s Mobile browser.

With a little more polish, it will be an excellent product that I, for one, would happily pay for.

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