Jaunty on a MacBookPro3,1

I’ve recently updated my MacBook Pro to the final version of Jaunty.  Mine is a MacBookPro3,1.  This is a 2.2GHz 15″ with a 128MB Nvidia 8600.  I believe it is the first MacBook Pro to use the LED backlit display.

Overall, Jaunty works a treat on it.  It seems to suspend and resume properly, I was able to pair it over Bluetooth to my Apple Bluetooth keyboard without issue.  I was even able to get the display working on the external 20″ Apple CinemaDisplay that I just won’t let go of.  This is something that I have yet to sort out in XP.  (What can I say, I haven’t tried very hard.)

The only gotcha so far is that the wireless isn’t perfect.  Sometimes it catches my wireless network fine, others it just refuses to get a DHCP lease.  This is a bcm43xx-based wireless card, so there’s no great surprise there.  As I tend to use the MacBook Pro as a semi-portable machine, I’ve just stuck to wired network for the moment.

Anyway, to anyone looking to run 9.04 on a MacBook Pro, my experience has been quite positive overall.

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