Sony Vaio W Netbook: Back to the store

So close, yet so far.

I purchased a Sony Vaio W (VOCW111XX/T) from BestBuy yesterday.  ($499CDN)  It’s going back ASAP.

I love netbooks, I own an HP 2133, an EeePC and have owned a Mini Mi.  All were fab.  The Sony has the usual netbook specs but has an above average keyboard (though it’s still not as nice as HP’s line) standard bluetooth, 802.11n and, most importantly, an HD 1366×768 10.1″ display.  All for the high-end of normal pricing.  Fabulous!

What they don’t tell you is that the speakers are absolutely horrible and that the rather high-pitched fan runs constantly.

That’s right, the Vaio W is a constant assault on the ears.

The final nail in the coffin was that a Wubi-based Ubuntu 9.04 install resulted in a complete lack of networking on the Linux side.  I’m not sure how they swung it, but Sony has managed to create an affordable, light, nice-looking netbook that is positively Linux hostile, sounds terrible, and is the loudest netbook I’ve heard.


Sorry Sony, better luck next time.  I really wanted to like the Vaio W, I swear.

If only I could find an HP 2140 with the HD display.  Alas, I’ll be picking up the last low-res 2140 in town tomorrow at Staples downtown.  Such is life.

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