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LXDM and Ubiquity don’t mix either

Here’s another strike against LXDM:  Ubiquity, Ubuntu’s installer, doesn’t play nice with it with Wubi.

Wubi basically copies the ISO to the hard drive and then boots a custom grub boot that feeds ubiquity a preseed set of instructions on how to install into the Wubi-created loopback device.  Unfortunately, this only works with a handful of Linux display managers.  We had to dump lxdm for gdm in the labs, as lxdm can’t deal with NIS accounts.  Now we have had to dump it on the Live CD as well.  It’s too bad, too, as I’m not a GDM 2.30 fan at all.


1.8″ ZIF PATA Enclosure instruction

I recently replaced the 1.8″ ZIF PATA drive in my HP 2710p with a solid state drive.  I love it.  It’s now completely silent except under the heaviest of loads, and it’s quite a bit faster in both Linux and Windows.

However, I saw no sense in having a perfectly good small, slow, 80GB drive hanging around on a shelf, so I bought a USB enclosure for it.  There are loads of these on ebay for a couple of dollars, so what the heck?

The enclosure arrived but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to put the ZIF cable into the HD.  Well, after much poking around, I finally found some reasonable instructions.  Now all is well.

ZIF stands for Zero Insertion Force.  It was certainly greater than zero for me.  Sheesh.