1.8″ ZIF PATA Enclosure instruction

I recently replaced the 1.8″ ZIF PATA drive in my HP 2710p with a solid state drive.  I love it.  It’s now completely silent except under the heaviest of loads, and it’s quite a bit faster in both Linux and Windows.

However, I saw no sense in having a perfectly good small, slow, 80GB drive hanging around on a shelf, so I bought a USB enclosure for it.  There are loads of these on ebay for a couple of dollars, so what the heck?

The enclosure arrived but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to put the ZIF cable into the HD.  Well, after much poking around, I finally found some reasonable instructions.  Now all is well.

ZIF stands for Zero Insertion Force.  It was certainly greater than zero for me.  Sheesh.

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