Why I’m picky about the laptops I own

Every once in a while a see a great deal on some low-end laptop at BestBuy or Future Shop.  I’m tempted.  The latest was an 11″ Gateway netbook that was $239.  I resisted.  After all, my ThinkPad X40 cost less than that and at $344, the X60s was about the same price as most new low-end netbooks.

This evening I was reminded of why I stick to ThinkPads, HP EliteBooks, MacBook Pros, and other used higher-end machines when I dropped my wonderful (and tough) HP 2710p from a five foot cart onto a very unforgiving tile floor at work.  It was a bad drop, awkwardly landing on a corner.  Couldn’t have been worse unless I’d thrown it down.  I’m usually very careful but this time it just happened and I couldn’t stop it.

The battery popped out, as did the stylus, there is some slight cosmetic damage by the rarely-used SD slot but it is otherwise completely unscathed.

Once again:  I’d rather a high-quality used machine than the newest, shiniest junk on sale in the weekly flier.

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