Living with Lucid: ThinkPad X60s works great!

I’ve recently replaced my ThinkPad X40 with an X60s.  The X60s looks and weighs the same as the X40 but is a Core Duo, has a less problematic GMA950 graphics adapter, and has a full 2.5″ SATA drive, rather than the 1.8″ PATA drive in the X40.

I’ve been using it in Ubuntu 10.04 for a month or so now and it’s just perfect.  The only problem I’ve noticed is that the machine still crashes on resume if an SD card is inserted.  This is an annoying but common problem in ThinkPads.  Anyway, lest anyone think that I only complain about Lucid on this site, think again!  The ThinkPad X60s is a champ and Lucid runs perfectly on it.

Thank you Canonical!

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