My first webOS app: Poker Run

I’ve finally done it: I’ve written my first decent HP webOS app. It’s called Poker Run and it’s a simple egg timer for counting blinds. It also lists the small blind values and chip distribution that I tend to play with.

Launcher icon for Poker Run

Poker Run: The Application (Click to download)

My first webOS app: Poker Run (Click to download)

That’s right, I’ve managed to replace both a post-it note and a $10 egg timer. Woohoo!

It’s a very basic webOS app written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I started with this and improved/fixed a few things:

  • My app allows you to resume or restart the clock
  • I stop the screen from locking or going blank.  This allows it to keep accurate time and always show you how much is left, but it also means that it’s chewing battery whenever the timer runs.

I should really use Palm’s power management for the timer but this was much simpler.

Anyway, feel free to download it if you’d like.  It’s nothing fancy but it’s a start.

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