A week with the 11″ MacBook Air: Loving it.

I’ve had my new 11″ MacBook Air for about a week now and I must say that it is a fabulous machine.

In the week that I have owned it, I have taken it on a business trip to Ottawa, used it in a hotel, with tethering, and have pretty much been using it as my main machine, occasionally switching back to an older IBM ThinkPad R50p with a 1600×1200 IPS display to finish some print work.

I’m still terribly impressed with the speed of the machine.  The weight, size, and battery life also impress me.  At 2lbs, with the width of the machine, it completely disappears along with files when I was traveling.  It is in no way a burden to carry with you.  Yet, when push comes to shove, it’s just as capable as my 13″ MacBook at editing websites and doing other “real work”.  the 1366×768 display is a perfect size and resolution for the machine.

I’m also impressed with the keyboard.  I think I actually prefer it to the 12″ PowerBook keyboard, and it is definitely a cut above the 13″ MacBook and 13″ MacBook Pro keyboards.  I still find the HP 2710p keyboard to be my favourite, but the Air’s is a close second.  Excellent work, Apple!

Finally, the battery life:  I can easily get 7 hours on the machine, though if I know I will be a while, I tend to drop the screen brightness quite a bit.

All-in-all, this is a stellar machine.  It’s actually the first laptop I’ve been excited about since the original Asus EeePC 701 that started the netbook genre.  When I show it to people at work (which is normal for me, as I advise people as a part of my job), they are shocked first by the size and capability of the machine, and then are equally shocked to hear the reasonable price.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Apple have a complete hit here.  (And trust me, I’m not one to sing praise lightly.)


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