Living with Lucid: HP 2133 Lucid Setup

I have an HP Mini-Note 2133. Despite the flaws, I really like this little netbook. In yet another vain attempt at making it fast enough to do the job of a machine with a decent CPU, I have added a screaming SSD to the machine. (What the heck, it worked for the MacBook Air, right?)

Well, the SSD isn’t all that I’d hoped, but it did give me the opportunity to go over what is involved in setting the 2133 up with Ubuntu 10.04:

  1. Install Ubuntu.  (I chose the Netbook release)
  2. Patch it completely, using wired LAN for the network; reboot
  3. Activate the restricted Broadcom STA drivers; reboot
  4. Download and install the closed Via drivers found here
  5. Before rebooting, download this xorg.conf file
  6. sudo cp 2133.xorg.conf /etc/x11/xorg.conf
  7. Now you can reboot and X11 will start with some degree of acceleration.

That’s pretty much it.  Any way you dress it up, this is still a 1.2GHz Via C7 CPU with a dog-slow S3 GPU.  The SSD helps quite a bit but there’s just no getting around the specs.  MacBook Air, this ain’t.  Still, it’s a lovely keyboard.  Sure the 1280×768 display is too small for a 8.9″ screen but I’m the one that normally likes high ppi.  Serves me rice for supper.

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