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Living with Lion: Edirol UA-25ex stops working after upgrade

This one is pretty easy, just like in Linux, in fact.

The problem is that Roland hasn’t released an updated (64bit) driver for the UA-25ex yet. In the meantime, there’s a switch on the back of the interface to toggle Advanced Driver mode.

If you turn this off, it makes the UA-25ex look like a standard, generic, USB audio interface. You lose volume control in OSX but at least it works.

Hopefully Edirol will release a driver soon. They’re usually pretty good about this. I know I’ll be checking their driver page for the next bit.


Living with Lion: Symlink to Downloads causes TextEdit and Preview to crash on Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

I upgraded my MacBook Air to Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) yesterday.  Boy, there are a lot of changes, both under the hood and for the end-user.

One bug that I have hit is that after the upgrade both TextEdit and Preview crash on launch.  I found one reference to this on a MacRumors Forum.  I have determined that this bug is in no way related to Dropbox, rather with Mac OSX’s handling of symlinks.

I often create a /Downloads directory and then symlink this to ~/Downloads.  This seems to be what causes TextEdit and Preview to crash.

To fix it, I deleted the ~/Downloads symlink, launched TextEdit and Preview, closed them, deleted the ~/Downloads directory that these programs created, and then re-created my symlink by running ln -s /Downloads ~/Downloads.

Apple has clearly made significant changes with respect to the filesystem.  No one would accuse them of resting on their laurels.  On that note, I’m certain this will be addressed in 10.7.1 if not sooner.


Living with Lion: All about Mac OSX 10.7

It looks like I’ll be posting about dealing with Mac OSX 10.7. (Lion)

It was released yesterday and for the most part is working well for me on two machines.  Still, I’ve found odd problems that will likely trip up others as well.  I may as well post them.  I hope you find these posts helpful.