Great webOS apps for TouchPad and Pre alike

I’ve been using webOS since the original Palm Pre.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best mobile OS out there.  It’s true that there are far fewer webOS apps than there are Android or iOS.  That said, there are some stellar webOS apps.  Here’s a list of the ones that I use on a daily basis:

Apps for the Pre 2 & 3:

  • Tapnote – Dropbox-integrated text editor
  • Music (remix) – Wonderful music player
  • Mobile hotspot – Turn your phone in to a WiFi hotspot
  • Done! – Toodle syncing task manager
  • Feeds – Google Reader
  • Voices – Great voice recorder program
  • drPodder – Podcast program
  • Dropboxify – User-created Dropbox client

In addition to the above, the following TouchPad apps are standouts:

  • Advanced Browser – Cards are great but tabs and cards are better
  • Glimpse – A wonderful multi-purpose app that shows the flexibility of webOS
  • ToodleTasks – Task sync program that works well with Done! syncing to Toodle
  • Gemini File Manager – A reasonable file manager
  • NonNomNom – Google Reader client.  Great but slow
  • pReader – ePub reader

Great webOS games:

  • Ancient frog
  • Woodnigma
  • Dead runner
  • Angry Birds
  • Glyder 2
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