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webOS out, BlackBerry in

Well, my wife and I had a fabulous time in Barbados. Unfortunately, the newish Pre 3 didn’t fare so well.

It did take brilliant photos and worked well enough until a software glitch stopped the webkit browser_server from running. This spiked the load at 40, rendered the browser and email unusable, and took out the rather useless Bing-powered Maps app that webOS is using. Then, on the second last day there, something happened to the earpiece speaker. I’ve reloaded the OS and the software is fine but with no earpiece speaker and no chance of parts, I’ve officially given up on using a Palm smartphone. Given how much I liked the Pre 3 and webOS, this was a tough decision.

So I’m back to BlackBerry for the moment. I’m typing this on a Bold 9900 that I picked up used. I like the hardware and OS 7 is nice but the small screen and lousy camera make me pine for the Pre3. Still, at least this one works. Overall, I think the 9900 looks fantastic but is less usable and fun to use than the 9800 that I had before.

For anyone out there looking to buy a BlackBerry, I heartily recommend the 9810 or 9800 over the Bold 9900. The Bold looks nicer but I miss the bigger screen, better camera, and even the keyboard of the 9800. If anyone reading the would like to trade me for a 9810, I’m interested.

Oh, I’m writing this post using WordPress for BlackBerry. Like everything BBOS, it isn’t the prettiest to use but it is very functional and seems to work very well.