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MacFusion Snow Leopard

MacFusion is a great program that allows you to mount (S)FTP connections in Finder.  It works very well, even in Snow Leopard.  However, it’s beta-y, and a little finicky in the latest version of Snow Leopard.  Thankfully, Google to the rescue!

The short version:  Open system preferences, allow beta versions of MacFUSE, then run:

rm /Applications/
The end.

Stupid Adobe Flash Download Manager

Stupid Adobe.  They’re getting quite insistent that you use their lousy download manager “powered by GetPlus.”  Why you need a download manager for a 1MB download is beyond me.  Of course, I also don’t understand why their PDF viewer is a 50MB download.  It’s probably the  spyware

Anyway, here’s the link to their exe installer.